Camel Riding in Petra & Wadi Rum :

Camel Ride in Wadi Rum & Petra is optional for 10 JD/$15USD per camel per hour (You don’t need to book it in advance . can be booked upon arrival to Petra or Wadi Rum and ask your guide in Petra/Wadi Rum)


 Horse Carriage in Petra :

There are also 10 horse drawn carriages in Petra, first and foremost for elderly and handicapped visitors. These carriages take maximum 2 passengers and operate from the Petra Visitor Centre to the Treasury and back. Keep in mind the Petra terrain is uneven, so it is a bumpy ride. The price is 20 JOD per carriage each way. Handicapped clients can also obtain a permission to go with the carriage deeper inside Petra, but an advance reservation is to recommend due to the limited numbers of carriages.

Petra Carriage ($30 USD/ 20 JD for carriage - maximum capacity of 2 guests)


Turkish Bath (SALOME TURKISH BATH in Petra) and/or in Amman (Al Basha Turkish Bath):

After your long Petra trek, pamper those aching muscles at the SALOME TURKISH BATH. Your session begins by luxuriating in the steam room, the tension in your muscles will begin to relax as your pores open and allow all the built up toxins to ease from your body. After your pores have opened sufficiently, you will be scrubbed to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. This increases the blood flow and allows fresh nutrients to reach all areas of your body. This is subsequently followed by a very relaxing yet deep massage. At the end you you will have a traditional Arabic sitting area provided with fresh spring water and herbal teas to further relax and rejuvenate you.

(Rate is 20 JD per person) includes : Hebral Tea, Massage, Turkish bath…etc. Please visit their website for more info:


Hot Air Baloon Ride in Wadi Rum :

Take a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains in Wadi Rum by climbing into a hot air balloon. Be it an indulgence for yourself or a surprise gift for a loved one, a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience. Balloon flights take place during the early morning hours and last for around one hour, but guests should allow 2 to 3 hours for the whole experience. Balloon Ride and tour in Wadi Rum for 01 hour is available from the early morning ( 06:00 am – 07:00 am) for 130 JD / $ 185 USD per person (Booking should be in advance). Subject to availability. If available the balloon ride is subject to the weather conditions which are confirmed the evening before the flight.


Dinner Suggestion at " Beit Sitti " in Amman:

Established in 2010 Beit Sitti came about by 03 sisters to keep their grandmothers legacy alive.

Beit Sitti offers a cook and dine experience where you come and learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with the help of a Hajjeh, and then get to eat the food that you prepared, in their grandmothers house found in one of Amman's oldest neighborhoods, Jabal Al Weibdeh(in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman).Book your session for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner and come learn how to prepare a four course Arabic meal.

The cost is US$ 56 per person for a group of minimum 4 persons.

For more information , please visit :  ( )


The Petra Kitchen :

Want to learn about Jordanian cuisine?  Something good’s cooking at Petra Kitchen! Now open in Petra, THE PETRA KITCHEN is a delightful way to round out your Jordan travel experiences. Like any home kitchen, THE PETRA KITCHEN is a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you’ll gather to prepare an evening meal, working alongside local women under the supervision of our chef. Each evening meal includes soup, cold and hot mezza and salads, and a main course—all typical Jordanian dishes. You will have get an inside glimpse of the secrets behind the famous regional cuisine of the Levant. THE PETRA KITCHEN offers an evening of learning, fun and a very special dining experience, with each dish gaining the special flavor of a reward well-earned. Great care has been taken to make THE PETRA KITCHEN a truly Jordanian experience—right down to the furnishings, all crafted in Jordan, the tableware, all produced by the Iraq al Amir Women’s Co-operative, and the aprons and table linens, all hand-embroidered by the Jordan River Foundation.

The regular price of JD 30/person ($43 USD Per Person) includes the cuisine course, meal and all non-alcoholic beverages as well as take-home recipes for all dishes prepared that evening. For more information , please visit :


Petra By Night (Evening show by Candlelight) :

If you are spending a night or two in Wadi Musa do not miss this wonderful show.  Complete your Petra experience with a visit of Petra Night Show. This event is a magical way to see part of the rock city by candlelight and explore the old city. Start this experience by walking through the Siq by candlelight to the Treasurey which is lit up by 100s of candles.

This spectacular event is only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The entrance fee for Petra by Night is 17 JD/$25USD per person, children under 10 years are admitted free of charge. Tickets can be bought at the Visitor Centre shops, local tour agencies in Petra or at your hotel reception.


Water Sport in Aqaba :

We offer a variety of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving both from off the beach and from a boat trip. Please contact us for the your water sport requirements.


Other optional activities:

Whether you might like to add a horse ride in Petra or Wadi Rum, ATV riding or experience the traditional ways of life with a local community please ask us and we are more than happy to provide you with information on the activity of your choice.



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