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Jordan’s approach in managing coronavirus crisis

*Update : 30 July 2020

The Jordanian Government's very proactive management and handling of the coronvirus Pandemic has seen Jordan praised worldwide for it's strategy. It has led to very few cases thanks to strict quarantine procedures and stringent testing. It has allowed Jordan to recieve the status of being a "Safe Country" to travel to. 

The Jordanian Minister of Transport announced that Queen Alia International Airport will reopen on the 5th August for commerical flights. 

Negotiations are already underway with ‘green countries’, adding that people arriving from those countries will not be subjected to 14-day quarantine, but a COVID-19 PCR test must be done before departure.

A revised list of ‘green countries’ – places deemed a low risk in terms of their COVID-19 status – has been announced. It includes: Austria; Canada; China; Cyprus; Denmark; Estonia; Georgia; Germany; Greenland; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Malaysia; Malta; New Zeeland; Norway; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Monaco. This list of green countries will be reviewed every two weeks. 

Travellers must undergo a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to departure and all arrivals in Jordan will be tested at the airport. Visitors will not be able to leave the airport until they have received their results.

All travellers will have to complete an online declaration 24 hours prior to departure at a cost of JD 40. Non-Jordanians must also be able to prove they have valid health insurance.

Passengers travelling from a red or orange status country must transit through a green status country for a 14-day period before travelling onwards to Jordan.

Anyone caught attempting to enter the country without completing 14 days in a green status country or providing invalid test results will face a JD 10,000 fine. 

Using the coronavirus safety applications Aman will be mandatory. Visitors must show proof of downloading before boarding the plane and when landing in Jordan. 



Jordan has adopted a proactive approach in its management of the coronavirus crisis, as it closed the country’s borders, controlled entry and imposed a quarantine for all arrivals in the most beautiful hotels of the Dead Sea, Amman and Aqaba. The government has also provided travellers quarantined in hotels with the best services and suitable conditions without any discrimination between Jordanians and other nationalities.

Jordan is one of the leading countries in taking precautionary and preventive measures regarding all arrivals to the Kingdom.

Once a case of coronavirus was confirmed, the government started to take preventive measures in the Kingdom and that reached the curfew.

A curfew has been applied to the entire kingdom with the opportunity for citizens and residents to purchase basic goods within specific hours and within appropriate health conditions.

Purchasing behaviour of citizens reflects a healthy and civilised healthy awareness, with few exceptions do not constitute a significant percentage.

With the noticeable number of cases of the coronavirus disease in the governorate of Irbid, a healthy insulation was applied to it in addition to applying the same to specific areas in the governorate and epidemiological research teams started survey processes.

Medical and therapeutic work was done by hospital specialists, accompanied by an official media that transmits the latest developments and the number of cases affected by the disease with the utmost transparency and clarity.

Jordan has dealt with the coronavirus in all its dimensions, which represented a wonderful successful approach and model in managing the crisis.

This unique management model was appreciated by all internally and externally and at the level of countries, the media, specialised centers and people.

In Jordan, everyone; institutions, individuals and citizens, are keen to provide support and assistance. The national effort is coordinated, organised and in the same direction targeting shared goals.

The citizens formed a very positive moral support that motivated the efforts of officials and institutions.

In the armed forces and the security institutions, you do not differentiate between the commander and the soldiers. Everyone has taken the behaviour of collective work with team spirit and dealt with every need or assistance with the utmost kindness and decency.

Jordan focuses on achieving a balance between protecting people and continuing the country's economic life. Balancing short-term goals with long-term goals, with priority given to protecting people's health.

This unique model really deserves to be documented and taught in the most prestigious universities as a true success story for a small country, heavily suffering from a scarcity of resources.

This is Jordan, which we, indeed, have the right to be proud of. Our leader is inspiring and brave, and our people have a mission to deliver the best for the benefit of our country to be a permanent address for success and achievement.

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