Incentive Programs in Jordan

Incentive travel is a management tool for rewarding and motivating sales representatives, dealers, distributors, production workers, support staff, and in some cases, customers. The company rewards sales representatives who reach sales targets by sending them on trips. Usually, the incentive trip comes with hotel stays, tour packages and planned activities such as dinners, parties and games. Basically, incentive travel does not have any business-related activity.

Jordan Horizons offers an original and high quality group travel. Incentive Tours to Jordan are rewards by employers for your hard work and dedication. You deserve a holiday to relax and recharge yourself before you get back to work again. Obviously rewards for employees will maintain their motivation, hard work and will make them more satisfied and loyal. Incentive tours to Jordan are sure to make you want another incentive holiday in Jordan very soon.

Factors behind Incentive Travel Decisions
-Incentive budget economy – How strong is the economy in the country in which the sponsoring group is headquartered?
-Buying power – Strength of the exchange rate in the countries being considered as the destination for the trip
-Political climate – Travel alert for destinations with political turmoil
-Safety and Security - Terrorist alert levels
-Value - How do facilities and services compare with other choices of destination
-Uniqueness of experience – Takes into consideration whether these participants have experienced this type of trip before