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Jordan Religious Tours

This tour in 08 days, covers the main biblical tour of Jordan. The sites to visit are :
City Tour of Amman & Desert Castles
Jerash & Ajloun, Um Qais, Bethany & The Dead Sea
Mount Nebo, Madaba
Aqaba & Wadi Rum

This tour in 09 days journey through Jordan following in the footsteps of Prophets and visiting many sites referred to in the Bible. Starting in Amman you will head north and visit Jerash, Ajloun and Um Qais. Then exploring the South you will visit the sites of Madaba, Mt Nebo, Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Petra, Wadi Rum and more. 

This tour in 03 days, covers the main Islamic Sites of Jordan as a short tour. The sites to visit are :
Prophet Sho’ayb, Prophet Yousha, Companion Abu Obadiah, Derar Bin Azuar, Sharhabeel Bin Hasnah, As, Hab Alkahef, Mu’ta Battle Field, Companions Zaid Bin Harethah, Ja’far Altayar, Abdullah Bin Rawaha, Prophet Nuh.

A 6 day tour that covers many of the biblical sites that Jordan has to offer including Bethany beyond the Jordan, the site where John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus, Mt Nebo where Moses gazed out on the Promised land and Petra which is associated with the Exodus. 

A 5 day tour that covers some of the bibilical sites that are associated with John the Baptist who lived and died in Jordan. Visit the site where he baptised Jesus and the ruins of the palace at Machaerus where he was beheaded at the request of Salome. Also see Madaba, Mt Nebo and Petra in this detailed itinerary.

On this 5 day tour you will experience the history that is associated with some of the biblical sites located in Jordan. From the site of Jesus' miracle of the swine, to where John the Baptist baptized Jesus you will find that Jordan is rich in biblical history. A visit to Petra is included on this tour. 

On this 3 day tour you will cover just some of the biblical sites that can be found in Jordan such as Um Qais, Bethany Beyond the Jordan and Mt Nebo. This tour is ideal for travelers that only have a short amount of time but would still like experience the biblical history that Jordan has to offer. This tour is suited to those that have an early arrival time at Amman Airport or you can start from Amman. 

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