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The Trail of Wadi Mudhluim (PT-JHT-005)

Category: Petra Guided Trails & Tours While You Are in Petra by JHT

The Trail of Wadi Mudhluim - an alternative to the Siq, through the Nabatean Tunnel and a winding narrow canyon. The Siq is the best-known and most spectacular entrance to Petra, and is used by the majority of visitors to the ruins. However, there are a number of alternative entrances to the ruins, which see far fewer visitors and which are well worth exploring, especially if you plan more than 1 or 2 days in Petra.

Tour/Trail Details :

Trail Name :       The trail of Wadi Mudhluim

Trail Duration :   04 -06  hours

Trail Distance :   06 – 07kms

Grade/Level :     Difficult

Start location :   Main Gate / Visitors Center

End Location :    Qasr Al Bint / Basin Restaurant


Although you should definitely follow the Siq into Petra at least once (and probably more than once, at different times of day), if you’ve allocated several days to a visit, the beautiful Wadi Muthlim is a good alternative entry route through stunning scenery, but taking no less than two hours to deliver you to the Nymphaeum in the city centre. Due to the very real danger of flash floods, you shouldn’t attempt it at all during the rainy season – roughly November to March – and even as late as May, there may be difficult-to-avoid standing pools of water harbouring water snakes: wading would be a mistake.

Before beginning the walk, you can take a small detour from the dam at the Siq entrance up to the Eagle Niche, set in the rocks 400m to the northwest. Cross the wadi over the roof of the tunnel and head left up the second side-valley; it’s a short scramble over the smooth, hot rock up to a set of small niches carved in the right-hand wall, one of which features a strikingly carved eagle with wings outspread.

Back at the tunnel, Wadi Muthlim – full of oleanders, but with high walls cutting out all sound bar the occasional birdsong – is easily passable up to the remains of another Nabatean dam; beyond here, the path gets steadily narrower until you reach a point where a massive boulder all but blocks the way. It’s possible to squeeze past, and the path continues to narrow until, with the wadi floor no wider than your foot, you reach a T-junction; arrows on the solid walls all around will point you left. This cross-wadi is the SiddMaajn, equally narrow, but beautifully eroded by flowing water. As you proceed, seemingly moving through the heart of the mountain, you’ll notice the Nabateans were here before you: there are dozens of carved niches, some featuring pediments, other curving horns. It’s around here that the way might be blocked by rockpools.

Eventually, you’ll emerge into the open Wadi Mataha, about 600m northeast of Dorotheos’ House, and the best part of 2km northeast of the Nymphaeum.


Rate Per Person in USD$ for the Guided Trail :

No. of Persons:

Rate per person

1 Person

$ 180

2 People

$ 100

3 People

$ 70

4 People

$ 55

5 People

$ 45

6 People

$ 35

Rate for 07 & More please contact us.


Important Notes

Regarding the ticket, if you have already booked a tour package to Jordan which includes Petra entry, then the ticket is included. Otherwise you will need to purchase your entrance ticket yourself.

The Rate for this trail includes a guide only.

*We endeavour to utilise the guiding services of a licensed guide who is known to our agency. During peak times we might provide you with a guide from the Petra Visitors centre. As these guides are not known to our agency we can not guarantee the level of their service. Any complaints about problems encountered with the guides from the Petra Visitors centre should be directed to the Petra Visitors Centre directly at the conclusion of your guided tour.

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