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Beidha Neolithic Village Trail (PT-JHT-006)

Category: Petra Guided Trails & Tours While You Are in Petra by JHT

This trail is in Little Petra and it is approximately 04 hrs. You can start from Petra Visitors Centre and we will transfer you to Little Petra. Or if you are staying in Little Petra area the start of the hike is at is Siq Al-Barid, which is also referred to as 'Little Petra' due to similarities with the main site.

Tour/Trail Details :

Trail Name :       Beidha Neolithic Village Trail

Trail Duration :   2 - 3 hours

Grade/Level :     Medium to Difficult

Start location :   Little Petra / Petra : Beidha Neolithic Village

End Location :    Little Petra / Petra


We will drive you if you are stating in Petra to little Petra. This trail begins near to Siq Al-Barid and will take you to the Beidha Neolithic Village, which is the largest Nabataean site in Beidha. A few services are available here, including toilets, soft drinks and a parking area.

Located just 9 km north of the Petra Visitor Center and 800 m from the entrance of Siq al-Barid (Little Petra), the Neolithic village of Beidha (also spelled Bayda) is a uniquely preserved and interpreted archaeological site which provides important insights into the origins of human development. It enables visitors to imagine how people lived 10,000 years ago, during the final phase of the Stone Age, when farming and animal domestication began. This change in food procurement marks the transition to a more sendentary mode of life. Permanent settlements such as Beidha were established and the social structures and symbolic belief systems became more complex.


Rate Per Person in USD$ for the Guided Trail :

No. of Persons:

Rate per person

1 Person

$ 230

2 People

$ 120

3 People

$ 80

4 People

$ 60

5 People

$ 50

6 People

$ 45

Rate for 07 & More please contact us.


Important Notes

Regarding the ticket, if you have already booked a tour package to Jordan which includes Petra entry, then the ticket is included. Otherwise you will need to purchase your entrance ticket yourself.

The Rate for this trail includes a guide only. You might find the guiding fees we offer are different from the rate available at the visitor's center of the site, but please do consider the following :

1-The Local guides (from the visitor’s center of Petra site) are assigned by the management of the visitor's center of the site on a roster basis. They are employees of the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and travel agencies cannot guarantee the quality of their services.

2-We at JHT as a travel agency, can guarantee the quality of the guides that we employ with the following standards & criteria :

-Language fluency & its accent

-Historical and archeological background & knowledge

-Our Guides are fit

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