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03 Days / 02 Nights Jordan Islamic Tours

Category: Jordan Religious Tours

This tour in 03 days, covers the main Islamic Sites of Jordan as a short tour. The sites to visit are :
Prophet Sho’ayb, Prophet Yousha, Companion Abu Obadiah, Derar Bin Azuar, Sharhabeel Bin Hasnah, As, Hab Alkahef, Mu’ta Battle Field, Companions Zaid Bin Harethah, Ja’far Altayar, Abdullah Bin Rawaha, Prophet Nuh.


Day 01 : Amman Airport  – Dead Sea – Prophet Sho’ayb –  Amman Hotel 

Arriving To Amman Airport. Meet & Assist by our representative before you go to customs for your free visa on arrival to Jordan. Start our day to visit the lowest point on Earth Laut Mati (the Dead Sea) which is a salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, the lowest point on dry land. Its famously hypersaline water makes floating easy, and its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at area resorts. Drive to visit Makam Prophet Shoayb (upon him be peace). Back to Amman hotel for overnight


Day 02 : Prophet Yousha - Companion Abu Obadiah – Derar Bin Azuar – Sharhabeel Bin Hasnah – Amman Hotel

Breakfast at the hotel. Start our day to visit Makam Prophet Yosha Bin Noon (Upon Him Be Peace) who was very close To Musa (Upon Him Be Peace) and took his place as the leader of the Bani Israel after his Death. He is known as Joshua in the Bible. Yusha (Upon Him Be Peace) was the great grandson of Prophet Yusuf (Upon Him Be Peace), then we drive to Jordan Valley to visit Makamat Companions Abu Obaidah Amer Bin Jarah was one of Companions of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. He remained commander of a large section of the Rashidun Army during the time of the Rashid Caliph Umar and was on the list of Umar’s appointed successors to the Caliphate, Derar Bin Azuar & Sharhabeel Bin Hasnah. We drive back to Amman Hotel overnight.


Day 03 : As-Hab Alkahef –Mu’ta Battle Field – Companions Zaid Bin Harethah – Ja’far Altayar – Abdullah Bin Rawaha – Prophet Nuh – Airport 

Breakfast at the hotel. Start our day with a visit to the Cave Of The Seven Sleepers As-Hab Alkahef. The Cave in which a group of pious youths (equated with the Christian legend of the ‘Sleepers Of Ephesus’) sought refuge from a tyrannical pagan king and in which Allah (Glorified And Exalted Is He) caused them to sleep for 309 Years. Their story is mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Kahf. The Cave is located in the suburb of Abu Alanda in Amman. Then drive to the south of Jordan to visit Mu’tah Battle Field. The Battle of Mu’tah was fought in September 629 C.E near the village of Mu’tah, between the forces of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad and the forces of the Eastern Roman Empire. In Muslim histories, the battle is usually described as the Muslims’ attempt to take retribution against a Ghassanid chief for taking the life of an emissary. According to Byzantine sources, the Muslims planned to launch their attack on a feast day. The local Byzantine Vicarius learned of their plans and collected the garrisons of the fortresses. According to the Encyclopedia of Islam, the Muslims were routed after three of their leaders were killed. Then transfer to the Airport for Flight Departure.


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