Accommodation types in Wadi Rum

Bedouin, Eco and/or Desert Camps :

Bedouin, Eco-friendly and desert camps are usually located in the Protected Area and Natural Reserve of Wadi Rum desert. They are an eco-friendly camps, usually managed by Bedouins and offer a traditional & real Bedouin experience. All sleeping tents are private (Single Tents, Twin/Double Tents, Triple Tents and quadruple Tents) equipped with mattresses, blankets and pillows. There are shared bathrooms with toilets and a shower. There is a small desk and extra space to hang clothes and store luggage. These camps offer easy access to major archaeological sites. Desert buggies, camel rides, and 4x4 safaris can be arranged. After a day out, guests can enjoy a traditional Bedouin meal by the campfire or in the communal tent. Guests can enjoy the traditional Bedouin cuisine served at these camps. Guests are invited to help staff prepare a traditional meal according to local traditions or you can relax by the camp fire in the evening. The traditional Bedouin meal cooked in these camp are: Zarb (which is cooked under the sand ), the Bedouin barbeque and other traditional dishes such as Mansaf, Maqloba etc. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. Tea, coffee and other hot beverages are offered all day.

These camps have basic but clean facilities.

The hot water is limited, it might be that you won’t have the opportunity to have a shower because the hot water is supplied by the solar system.

There are shared bathrooms and shower facilities

The electricity is limited for few hours, not all the nights

Don’t expect a luxury life and luxury camp, it is the real life of Bedouin but you will have a fun time and an experience you will not forget.

Examples of these camps :

Wadi Rum Quiet Village Camp : https://www.wadirumquietvillage.com/

Beyond Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp : https://www.beyondwadirum.com/


Luxury Camps :

There are 2 types of tents at the luxury camps in Wadi Rum : Standard Luxury Tents and Stargazing tents.

Standard luxury tents

All the tents are luxuriously furnished completed with comfortable king-size or twin beds, Bedouin sofa, mirrors, lamps, and the finest bed linens. Electricity is provided in the guest tents in the evenings via solar power. All the tents are equipped with a private bathroom (shower and toilet) and all have air-conditioning and heating.

Stargazing tents

There are 2 styles of stargazing tents available in Wadi Rum : Bubble Tents or Dome Tents. These tents offer a clear viewing section from which you can gaze out onto the thousands of stars in the night sky from the comfort of your own bed.

Services at the Luxury camps include :

Private tents for accommodation with one large King size bed or Twin Beds, all with private bathrooms and most have a private terrace.

Extra Bed is available upon request

Air Conditioning and heating

24 hour room service

24 hour hot water

Robes and slippers

Closets and luggage rack

24/7/365 Security

Examples of the Luxury Camps are :

Sun City Camp : https://www.suncitycamp.com/   

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp : https://www.wadirumnight.com  

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp : https://mlc.jo/en/

Mazayen Rum Camp : https://mazayenrumcamp.com/en/

Wadi Rum UFO Camp : https://wadirumufo.com/

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel Camp : https://wadirumbubble.com/


Bivouac Camping - Camping under the stars :

We invite you to sleep under the stars with us! It is a truly original experience. Sleeping under the stars will remain one of your cherished memories of Wadi Rum as it is the suggested and preferred sleeping style for all our Bedouin guides. It is something that cannot be missed. From our campsite you are able to watch the sunset fall behind the horizon as the stars slowly become vibrant in the crystal clear night sky. This is free camping in the desert away from any tourists camps, and it can be called the 'real' Bedouin experience.

This option is usually included as a part of one of our longer hiking tours, however we can offer this to people who wish to have a private evening 'free camping' in the Wadi Rum desert. We offer this in a number of different locations, which are usually selected according to the time of year, the weather & the tour you are taking.

You spend the night around the fire with your guide, who will prepare everything for you, including dinner, on the fire.

We provide mattresses and blankets, you sleep in the open under the stars. Jerry Cans are provided with water for hand/ face washing etc. Bottled Water is provided for drinking.

This option does not have bathrooms because it is located in the wilderness area of Wadi Rum.  Please take care when going to the bathroom here to bury your waste and to burn or remove any paper you use. The desert is beautiful, lets all try to keep it that way!  We do not provide toilet paper, sheets or towels.


Single Supplement in Wadi Rum

Please ask us about the single supplement charged by the camps in Wadi Rum. 


What to wear in Wadi Rum & what clothes should I bring?

In general, it is advised to wear something comfortable that allows you to climb in and out of a 4x4 vehicle, sit on the ground, ride a camel, go hiking, climbing, etc. Remember that clothing is the best sun protection and bring good walking shoes/trekking sandals with socks!

We do ask ladies not to wear anything too revealing when they are in the village (halter necks, short shorts, etc). When you are out in the desert then it doesn't matter because we are used to just about anything. But please do keep a t-shirt available for the village.

Shoes: Unless you are doing a heavy scrambling program, you do not need boots for the hiking programs. Trainers or good walking shoes, even sneakers are fine. Socks are a good idea, though. Trekking sandals are very good, especially in warm/hot weather. The models with closed toes are best. 

In Spring & Summer (15th March - 15th October ) : It is very hot during the day and it is recommended to wear light clothes that covers your body & shoulders to avoid exposure to the sun. A lightweight summer scarf is good to help protect your face from the sand/dust and exposure. Please bring your sunglasses and a hat is essential. Sunscreen is important to protect your skin.

During the night at Summer, the weather can sometimes become a little bit cold, so, it is recommended to bring light jackets or sweaters.

In Winter (15th October -  15th March ) : It can be cold during the day and at night time the temps can drop below 0 degrees Celsius, so please bring your heavy jackets and sweaters. Sport clothing is recommended (long & heavy sports trousers etc.)

Rain is infrequent, but it is recommended to bring a waterproof jacket and check the weather forecast.


What To Bring for your tour in Wadi Rum?

We will take care of everything that you will need in the desert, but you may want to bring a few of personal items along for additional comfort .

You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag as plenty of blankets are provided.

Hat and Sunscreen

A small bag/backpack for anything you might need during the day


Snacks and water (water is provided but you might like to bring extra)

Head lamp or torch

If you visit us in winter time, make sure you have enough warm clothing. The coldest months are December, January and February. In November and March some nights can get rather cold. It's especially important to keep the hands, feet and head warm.

It is a good idea to bring a flash light/torch, you might need it.

There is no ATM in Wadi Rum. Make sure you have enough money before heading to Wadi Rum. Credit card facilities are not common.

Remember there are no shops around where we are, so make sure you buy everything beforehand (cigarettes, snacks/drinks etc.). Drinking water from the camp 0,50 JD / bottle of 1,5 l. You can also ask your guide to stop in one of the shops of Wadi Rum village before heading to desert.

Sleeping equipment: We supply mattresses, blankets and pillows. In cold weather we have comforters which keep you nice and warm. There is no real need for you to bring sleeping bags, but some people prefer to use their own. This is up to you. In the winter, we move the fire and supper inside one of the tents and snuggle up with blankets for after supper talk. You should not be cold at night, but in the evenings in the winter you do need sweater and/or jacket.


Bedouin 4x4 Tour Driver in Wadi Rum.

In Wadi Rum the tours are provided by the local Bedouin Community. They are the only ones that are authorized to operate tours inside the protected area. We have a contract with two operators in Wadi Rum that provide our guests with a great experience.

Your 4x4 tour will be conducted by a local Bedouin who is your driver. The local Bedouin speak varying degrees of English and are not a licensed guide. We cannot guarantee the quality of the English spoken or the degree of knowledge that your Bedouin driver will have.

Please note that the Bedouin drivers do not speak languages other than English and Arabic.


4x4 Vehicles in Wadi Rum

4x4 vehicles in Wadi Rum are generally old vehicles (no A/C) and belong to the local Bedouin association. The vehicles in Wadi Rum are owned by the local Bedouin associations and are in a poor state. Given that we don't have any other choice when it comes to transportation in Wadi Rum, we can only advise our clients about their state. The tours in Wadi Rum are to support the local community of Wadi Rum Protected Area and Natural Reserve.


Can I book a camel ride in Wadi Rum?

We can certainly arrange a camel ride for you in Wadi Rum. This can be booked in advance or you can book it when you arrive to Wadi Rum with your Bedouin driver. The cost is $15USD/10JD per hour per camel.


What can I do with my luggage?

You can bring it out to the camp and store it in your own tent. Some people prefer to sort out what they need into a smaller bag or bags and leave the main luggage in our office in Wadi Rum village where it will be safe.


Do you have guides speaking different languages?

All of my guides speak some degree of English but none of the guides currently working in Wadi Rum speaks more than a few words of any other language. French, German, Italian, Spanish or other speakers have to manage as best they can.


I am a vegetarian.

No problem. All the different camps offer a variety of dishes, based on local ones, ample in quantity and well cooked. Vegetarian food can be supplied, but please tell us about this or about any allergies before we go to the desert.


Is there a hot shower and toilet?

The Bedouin Camps have shared bathroom facilities with solar hot water. The tents at the luxury camps all have private bathroom and solar hot water.


How much is the entrance ticket fee to Wadi Rum?

The entrance ticket fee is 5JD per person. It can be purchased at the visitor centre. You will be given a ticket and a map of Wadi Rum Protected Area.


Is Wadi Rum suitable for children?

Yes, we make sure your children are safe and have lots of fun.

Yes, particularly if you are with us & our guides, they understand children and will organize your tour so that it suits them. they also have a sand-board for surfing the dunes!!


Can we start off by an overnight and do the tour the next day?

Yes, certainly. The price would be the same as an ordinary tour and overnight, but you should be here by 6pm (18.00) at the very latest, or it will be too late to have supper in the desert.


Is it safe to travel to Wadi Rum for Women travelling alone?

Many women are worried about travelling alone in Wadi Rum or Jordan in general, especially when it comes to booking a camp or tour with strangers. When you book a tour with us you will be safe with our Bedouin drivers and in the camps. We have provided tours for lots of solo women travelors and they have always reported that they felt very safe.


Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wadi Rum

The hot air balloon ride is provided by the Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan. There is only 1 flight per day with a maximum capacity of 8 people. We only book the hot air balloon ride for our guests that are booking a full tour in Wadi Rum (4x4 tour with overnight stay), or a full tour in Jordan.

The Hot Air Balloon ride is subject to availability and if it is available is subject to weather conditions. The balloon ride if booked is confirmed for the weather conditions the evening before. If your balloon ride is cancelled due to weather conditions, then you will be refunded in full.



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