Welcome to Jordan; a country steeped in history and ancient monuments, legendary for its hospitality, and rich with diverse natural beauty. We invite you to come and explore Jordan with us. Be taken back with the wonder of Petra, humbled at the genuine welcome of the People, tick off the bucket list of floating in the Dead Sea, and silenced by the vastness of Wadi Rum and much much more. Wherever you go in Jordan it will be an experience you never forget and leave you longing to return. Such is the ability of Jordan to get under your skin and capture your heart.

Jordan Horizons Tours is a full service travel agency based in Jordan. It was established in 2013 with multi-lingual team, who are all travel professionals who realized the need of a reliable and professional travel company to serve and lead the high demand in the Middle East travel market.

We at Jordan Horizons Travel & Tours always strive to captivate our clients with unforgettable travel moments that will last, and provide them with an exceptional service that exceeds their expectations, while conserving and presenting the heritage of Jordan & the Middle East.


What are the operating hours of the Sheikh Hussein/Jordan River Border?

The Opening Hours for the Passenger Terminal are:

Sunday through Thursday: 07:00 – 20:30

Fridays and Saturdays: 08:30-18:30

The border crossing is closed at Yom Kippur and the Muslim New Year.

Opening hours may also differ on other Jewish, Christian, Muslim and national holidays. For the Jewish holidays, you can find the opening hours here :

On the Jordanian side, the opening hours for holidays are usually announced at very short notice. When making your travel plans, keep upcoming holidays in mind, and be prepared to be flexible. Please note that the border can be subject to closures at other times without or limited warning which are outside of our control.


What are the fees/taxes to be paid at the Sheikh Hussein / Jordan River Border?

Israeli Visa : Free

Israeli Departure Tax (to be paid by yourself) : 105NIS (Israeli Shekels) or approximately $30USD. Can be paid in USD or NIS.

Jordanian Visa (if not included in your tour package or eligible for free visa/stays less than 2 nights) : 40JD or approximately $60USD. Must be paid in JOD.

Jordanian Departure Tax (if not included in your tour package): 10JD or approximately $15USD. Must be paid in JOD.

Shuttle Bus Cost : 5NIS/1JD/$1.40USD


What is the process for completing the crossing at Sheikh Hussein / Jordan River Border?

  1. Complete the Israel side of the border crossing.

Upon arrival at the Israel side of the border please make your way to the passports counter to pay departure tax.

  1. Between the Borders.

You will need to catch the shuttle bus that departs approximately every 25 minutes between the two borders.

  1. Entering Jordan and meeting your driver or guide

Upon arriving onto the Jordanian side please complete baggage and security checks.

If you have meet and assist service included in your tour package you should look out for your driver or guide who will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. Your driver or guide will help you with all the paperwork to obtain your visa at the border.


Why do you need my passport details in the booking form?

If you have the meet and assist service as part of your tour package we require the full passport details for all guests in order to prepare the visa manifest paper. Your driver or guide needs to have this visa manifest in order to be authorized to enter the arrivals terminal and to be able to assist you with getting your visa on arrival to Jordan.


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