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Main Trial in Petra (PT-JHT-001)

Category: Petra Guided Trails & Tours While You Are in Petra by JHT

This trail (Distance: 4km) is the most visited trail in Petra, the trail starts from the visitor center of Petra through The siq to The Treasury, then The royal tombs, The colonnaded street, and finally finishing at the Girl's Palace (Qasr Al Bint).

Tour/Trail Details :

Trail Name :       Classic /Main Trail till Qaser Al Bint

Trail Duration :   03 Hours (approximately 2 hours into Petra from the Visitors Centre and 1 hour back)

Trail Distance :   04km (one way)

Grade/Level :     Easy

Start location :   Main Gate / Visitors Center

End Location :    Qaser Al Bint / Basin Restaurant


Trail/Tour Itinerary :

You will meet your guide at the Visitors Centre near the ticketing office. You will purchase your entrance ticket (or we can purchase/arrange it if it is included with our package). You enter the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) from the main gate in Wadi Musa. The walk from this gate to the entrance of the Siq, Bab al- Siq, takes 15 minutes at a gentle pace (downhill) and perhaps an extra 10 minutes returning (because it is uphill) i.e. 25 minutes.  So remember to add 40 minutes to your total time to get there and back. From the entrance to the Siq. The walk itself typically takes just about 10 minutes, and you will pass the Obelisk Tomb and Bab As-Siq Triclinium. Walking through the Siq itself at a leisurely pace will take ½ an hour. Don’t forget to look out for the Nabataean water channel on your left and the Nabataean ceramic water pipes on your right. Keep your eyes open for the Cameleer carving on the left side of the Siq as you walk towards the Treasury (Al Khazanah). If you look more carefully just beyond, you will see another set of camels heading upwards.  Notice the many niches all along the Siq representing the different deities. Give yourself another 10-20 min to explore the Treasury (Al Khazanah) itself, take lots of photos, and prepare yourself to discover a lot more.  After having walked through the Siq and explored the Treasury (Al Khazanah), carry on towards the Theatre, the Royal Tombs, the (Royal) court, then walk down the Colonnaded Street towards Qasr al Bint, passing by the Paradesios, the Great Temple  the Roman shops,  & Temenos Gate on your way. Your guided tour will finish here unless you would like to walk back with the guide to the Visitors Centre. Or you are free to explore Petra further on your own.


Rate Per Person in USD$ for the Guided Trail :

No. of Persons:

Rate per person

1 Person

$ 90

2 People

$ 50

3 People

$ 35

4 People

$ 30

5 People

$ 25

6 People

$ 25

*Rate for 07 & More please contact us.


Important Notes

Regarding the ticket, if you have already booked a tour package to Jordan which includes Petra entry, then the ticket is included. Otherwise you will need to purchase your entrance ticket yourself.

The Rate for this trail includes a guide only.

*We endeavour to utilise the guiding services of a licensed guide who is known to our agency. During peak times we might provide you with a guide from the Petra Visitors centre. As these guides are not known to our agency we can not guarantee the level of their service. Any complaints about problems encountered with the guides from the Petra Visitors centre should be directed to the Petra Visitors Centre directly at the conclusion of your guided tour.

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